Dr lucky Sharma Child Specialist

Our Goal

To practice my profession with conscious and dignity.

To provide the best surgical care for newborns, infants and children up to 18 yrs for congenital malformations, trauma, tumors, vascular malformations, infections and other common pediatric surgical problems like hypospadias i.e urethral anomalies.

Special interest to manage the children with intersex disorders i.e ambiguous genitalia because these children are either never diagnosed or mismanaged till they present in later part of life with undesirable secondary sexual characters, infertility or marital discords.

To provide quality patient care with cost-effectiveness.


Academic carrier of 12 years and more..

Received gold medal from the prestigious Institute A.I.I.M.S, NEW DELHI

Children surgical camps and other health related camps carried in hospital and in peripheries.

Various pediatric surgeries are performed ranging from hernia, undescended testis, hydroceles, hydrocephalus, meningomyeloceles etc…

Even the complex and the rarest surgeries like common Cloaca, exstrophy bladder, large abdominal wall defects, anorectal malformations etc. are well performed here.

Various endoscopic and open urological procedures for hydronephrosis, pujo, vujo, vesicoureteric reflux, stones, posterior urethral valves etc.

Extensive experience and expertise in hypospadiac surgeries and intersex disorders.



Antenatal consultations

Opd consultation

Day care surgeries

Routine and emergency surgeries



About Us

Exclusively doing pediatric surgeries and uroloical procedures at IM CLINIC, BASANT NAGAR, Janipur.

Expert staff

Modular Operation theatre

Play room facility

X-Ray facility


Laboratory facility


What patient says about us

I, mother of ishika who was taken to Dr Lucky mam for some urinary complaints. She examined her and advised us to perform some investigations. We did that. Tumor was diagnosed. She operated upon her. Now my child is 6yrs and she is ok. We thank her from core of our heart for saving our child.

My son is operated by Dr. Lucky Gupta . We are fully satisfied for operating her on my child. Lucky Gupta is a God of my family. I am always thankful to her also in future. We pray to God for her successful carrier.

Myself father of himanshu. I was very depressed due to ambiguity of genitalia of my boy which was diagnosed at birth. From GMC Jammu, I was referred to AIIMS New Delhi, from there I was referred to Dr Lucky, child surgeon in jammu. I took my baby to mam. She very clearly explained everything to me about staged operations. Tests were performed on my child. Afterwards surgery also. Now my child is ok, going to school also. We are very thankful to her. May God give her courage to help patients like ours.